A new look at TfL’s Kidbrooke development of 619 homes

A new video shows how TfL and Notting Hill Genesis’ housing development of 619 homes beside Kidbrooke station will be constructed and appear when complete.

Courtesy ArchitectureFab. Berkeley Homes development can be seen to rear

The plans was approved on appeal in 2019 and will see a rebuilt bus stop to the north of the station among tower blocks. This is a separate development to Berkeley Homes’ Kidbrooke Village south of the tracks, with work now well underway. Homes are car-free except for disabled spaces given its location directly adjacent to Kidbrooke station. Some homes are beside 5 lanes of traffic:

Homes with A2 above

The video also shows the proximity of blocks to the A2. TfL themselves state this part of the A2 will see greater congestion when Silvertown Tunnel completes – and that modelling was made before this scheme approved alongside an uplift in homes at Kidbrooke Village from 4000 to over 5,000.

Site beside A2 sliproad

While car-free the site will see a sizable number of deliveries bringing additional traffic. Kidbrooke Village to the south sees more car parking. That compounds traffic from another tunnel onto existing roads in the area.

Source: TfL. Red dots indicate extra congestion post tunnel completion. Kidbrooke A2 junction see largest increase

A new cycle lane planned between Eltham and Greenwich passes nearby but the A2 means access is via a somewhat offputting underpass leading to isolated routes north. Basically, it won’t appeal to many.

Lane located other side of A2

Other routes that avoid the underpass are still on isolated tracks and unlikely to cause much in the way of modal shift.

Courtesy Google. Current option from site to proposed new lane

A safer route along light, well-used streets that would be far more appealing is Kidbrooke Park Road past Aldi, though there is no cycle lane along here. Remove the extensive guardrails and you create space for a northbound lane at the very least:

Courtesy Google

A super cheap option is a shared-use path on pavement space with railings removed to create additional usable space. This would also help students cycle to Thomas Tallis school and lessen school run traffic and pressure on buses. In time more substantial changes could be made – or go it for it off the bat.

There isn’t even a pedestrian crossing from the new site of 619 homes to nearby shops Aldi and B&M. Will that change? If anyone in the area could let me know what the current state of play is. Last time I was there it looked like this:

No signalised green lights for pedestrians. It was run and hope here

So then, much needed housing in an ideal spot for public transport but public realm in the area again appears lacking. Something it feels like I’m cutting and paste for 90 per cent of developments in the local area. Meanwhile the authority asks things like this:

Unfortunately it’s a bit late with many plans approved and no income from developers allocated to improved public realm and sustainable travel – and of course they long supported the tunnel which will lead to greater congestion in the area. Still, in the here and now Greenwich will see tens of millions of income in coming years ringfenced to transport from CCTV use against moving traffic offences. Will they use it to improve sustainable travel options in areas of major growth such as Kidbrooke?

Click here to view the video from Architecturefab.

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2 thoughts on “A new look at TfL’s Kidbrooke development of 619 homes

  • Actually, there is an underpass there which allows people from the new development to reach the Aldi. It’s connected to that bike road you mentioned as well.

    • Yep but underpasses aren’t welcoming to many and somepeople are put off using them. Many being closed across the country. At grade crossings much more pedestrian friendly


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