Charlton pub The Antigallican sees 49-room HMO plan

Plans have been submitted for a 49-room HMO at the Antigallican pub in Charlton.

A company named Dandi are behind the proposal. A bar would be retained with an extension built  to accommodate many of the rooms. Others would be on existing upper floors. Up to 16 people would share a single kitchen under the plan. Room sizes are not included in the application.

Sixteen rooms and one kitchen

Placing so many people in an area with little communal space again highlights the flaw of “many people now want to work from home”.

The application’s marketing guff states:

“What we seek now is convenience and amenities on our doorstep, in exchange for a smaller private space, combined with community that can provide the physical, human connections modern living often sacrifices in favour of increasing digital and virtual connectivity. Gallican Investments Limited strive to create and set new standards for urban living”.

The site currently has approval for hotel usage and a previous application for extending the building in 2018 was approved. Before that an application for eight flats was approved in 2017.

Of course having little communal space to cook – for example – is less of an issue in a hotel or even student accommodation where any stay is limited. A permanent home is a different proposition. There’s issues of physical and mental health. A place to cook healthy meals regularly? Rooms have a small kitchenette but some facilities are limited to communal kitchens.

In terms of additional parking pressure, the application notes existing yellow lines outside and states no impact.

Taken early in 2020. Pub in sorry state

This is the latest application to convert a pub or social club into a mass HMO. Last year plans were submitted for a HMO with 49 rooms at the former Conservative Club in Charlton. That was scrapped in October 2020.

Last week I covered plans for a 12-room HMO at a former pub on Plumstead High Street.

Click here to view and comment on the proposal.




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    9 thoughts on “Charlton pub The Antigallican sees 49-room HMO plan

    • It’s basically student halls which is alright when 18 and out getting pissed every night and you know after a year you move on. Shared kitchen are ok in that instance. How bleak for a 30 year old but this is what we’ve come to with housing. It’s 2020 in one of the richest nations on earth. Incredible.

      In reality will we just see the owners knock on doors of local authorities saying “put your homeless here” while laughing to the bank as taxpayers pick up the cost…….

    • Doing a quick measurement of the rooms, and looking at the one on the centre right – assuming an 825mm doorway into a disabled room. This gives a room size internal “box” of approximately 7m x 2.8m, with a 2m long bed. If I am reading the Greenwich HMO regulations, sufficient for 2 person accommodation. But I’m not sure how you count “used floor area” within that.

    • A lovely location for fleeceing alcohollic students without cars. Go downstairs get loaded, stagger upstairs to your overpriced dog kennel. Not sure parents have this in mind when young Jane and John go to college?

      • @DWW Absolutely exactly what I was thinking. This is not a good use of this development at all.

        49 rooms are far too many for this property making the rooms far to small.

        If the rooms are to be let for students. I personally would rather see the pub turned in to a communal area for students where students can relax eat and also study as trying to study in such small rooms will be near on impossible.

    • ‘new standards of urban living’ – low standards more like.
      The proposed scheme is merely a money-making ghetto with Wifi.

    • this is dystopian – reminds me of the J G Ballard short story Bilennium

    • My previous experience of being both a student and then a house share renter is that a shared kitchen of any more than 5 or 6 people is unrealistic. People generally want to cook and eat around the same times as each other, so in my opinion one kitchen for 16 should be an non starter on the basis of people’s health and mental wellbeing.

    • ‘… in exchange for a smaller private space …’. They are not even pretending. 🧐

      Sixteen people sharing one kitchen, who is going to do the cleaning? Greenwich council driving down standards everywhere.


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