Dartford man jailed for Crayford attack that left man dead

A man from Dartford has been jailed for four years and eight months after the death of a man in Crayford town centre.

Last June, 41-year old Wayne Hoskyns was assaulted in public at The Parade in Crayford.

Police were called by London Ambulance Service and officers found the victim unresponsive.

According to police: “Members of the public and medics administered CPR before Wayne, who was a father of five children, was taken to hospital by London’s Air Ambulance in a critical condition. He died, with his family at his bedside, on the afternoon of Saturday, 20 June.

The defendant, Gareth Standing, presented himself at a south London police station on Tuesday, 23 June and was arrested on suspicion of Wayne’s murder.

While Standing was in custody, a post-mortem examination was carried out at Princess Royal University Hospital which found the cause of Wayne Hoskyns death to have been a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. Gareth Standing was charged with murder that same day.

He responded ‘no comment’ to all questions put to him in police interview and was remanded in custody.

On Monday, 23 November, Standing appeared at Woolwich Crown Court where he entered a plea of guilty to manslaughter which was accepted by the court. He was remanded in custody for sentencing.

The investigation established that on the day of Wayne’s death he and three others, including Standing, were sitting by the café in the park talking, then Standing took offence at something Wayne had said to Standing’s female companion. At the height of this disagreement, Standing punched Wayne in the face, knocking him out. Standing and his companion then left the scene, leaving Wayne lying where he fell.

A number of concerned onlookers came to Wayne’s aid, calling LAS and attempting to help him.”

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One thought on “Dartford man jailed for Crayford attack that left man dead

  • Gareth Standing done the decent thing by handing himself in at a Police Station and he has to be admired for that and saved the Police huge cost in having to undertake a long iand costly investigation.. I think Gareth has showed remorse for his actions.

    I think this has been reflected by the Court in the sentence issued to Gareth Standing.

    However, now that we have left the EU like it or not we need to do a review of sentencing laws in the UK.

    With street crime sadly still continuing during lockdown restrictions despite rising cases of Covid (Hear it on the news virtually every day) during this lockdown the maximum fines for breaking lockdown rules should be applied to sentences issued when the suspects are caught.

    Fines can be repaid through deductions from wages or benefits arranged by the Courts if suspects are unable to pay.


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