Further bike stands installed in Greenwich

A number of new bike stands have been installed by Greenwich Council in Greenwich.

Four streets with new parking in the town include:

  • Mauritius Road
  • Royal Hill
  • West Grove
  • Woodlands Park Road

The scheme is maintained by Bike Nest.

While the inevitable moans have arisen about a small amount of roadspace taken, cycle stands are far more efficient than car parking in built up areas.

The other inevitable grumble is the tax argument “I’ve paid tax and those bloody cyclists don’t…”, yet cycling doesn’t cause health issues for the NHS to anywhere the extent of vehicles and related costs.

New parking spaces

Neither do cycles cause problems for road surfaces and ensuing maintenance costs through excessive weight. In fact, in recent years vehicles have been getting bigger and heavier as SUVs sell in ever greater numbers.

And if tax is an issue for some, probably best asking government why it now takes all vehicle excise duty from London drivers yet prevents it being spent on London roads.

Now Greenwich Council just have to ensure cycle lanes are not parked in every single day.



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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    18 thoughts on “Further bike stands installed in Greenwich

    • an additional 4 bike stands is irrelevant…4,000 would be of far more interest….every place I go I see nothing in the way of bike parking and security…a chain aroubd a bike is insufficient when wheels and seats etc can be easily be stolen and we all know how interested the police are in bike theft…they wouldn’t notice if the police station was stolen overnight….
      No one is going to ride a bike if there is nowhere safe to leave it and be assured that its still there after an hour….I see nothing safe and secure outside anywhere in Woolwich and Greenwich public spaces

    • 4,000 and you would be moaning the other way. Roy, no one will win with you. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, damned if you dare try.
      Chill out a bit and have a good weekend.

    • ‘Greenwich Council just have to ensure cycle lanes are not parked in every single day.’

      Ha, ha. There’ll be skating in Hades before that happens.

    • Roy you sound like you are a fully paid up member of transport for lycra an mayor citizen Khan appreciation society. Just remember TFL stands for TRANSPORT FOR LONDON which means all forms of transport

      • Interestingly bus, tube and rail passengers are paying for car drivers convenience who’s roads are maintained by tfl, which doesn’t get any of the cars pollution tax. Those drivers arnt paying into tfl, scummy buggers.

        • Paying the mayor’s precept means all of us pay the money TFL gets

          • Who fancies a Thunderbird 2 pod outside their house?

            • 🤣🤣🤣 Great description

    • I like that a bike stand holding say 10 bikes in the space taken for 1 car is could even be considered as taking up the space…. Who’s space is it? It’s everyone’s space so surely cars should be the after thought and bike parking should be the norm and most convenient, then if u want to be selfish enough to own something that takes up 9 other people’s space u can walk 2mins to a disused pit or horrible grey industrial site where there is loads of disused space.

    • Couldn’t have said it better ‘meself’ Murky! (but thats nothing new! ) Good coverage seriously, keep it up matey.

      • I totally agree with you Derek Small.

    • Cheers. No sooner had these gone in than I saw the moaning start with the same old arguments about “taking space” and “car tax”, often made by people who havn’t a clue about what to do about sharply rising car journeys – nor apparently ever travelled to see how things work in some other countries and how much different it can be.

      If others countries can get a range of people from kids to the elderly to walk and cycle more to free up roads for those that need it, then so can this country. I don’t see how ultimately many wouldn’t be better off. Less traffic, less delays, healthier people. And happier too hopefully.

    • Do bike nests need planning permission? I wouldn’t particularly want one outside my window.

    • I wouldn’t risk leaving a bike in one

    • Goodness, those things are ugly! I absolutely wouldn’t want one of those as a permanent feature outside my house. Yes, they seem to take up the same space as a car but at least those come and go. They need to come up with something far more aesthetically pleasing. What’s wrong with railings for people to chain their bikes to?


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