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Greenwich Park to see road closed for passing traffic

The Royal Parks have revealed strategies for a number of parks across London which includes closing through-roads in Greenwich.

A report states that 80 per cent of respondents agreed with this: “Approximately 80% of our visitors get to the park by walking, cycling or public transport. We should further encourage and promote the use of these modes of transport
over other alternatives”.

Greenwich park

82 per cent agreed that: “Park roads are primarily for people visiting our parks. We should seek to discourage the through-movement of commuting motor vehicles in our parks.”

This means The Avenue will close to through-traffic from King William Walk in the town centre up to Blackheath Avenue.

Their was concern that displaced traffic would head to residential streets to the west – though a scheme is designed to mitigate traffic in that area.

Click here to view more on the Royal Parks website.

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  1. Greenwich Park Fan

    Excellent decision.

    Now let’s get the car park dug up and turned in to an open air lido.

    • Matthew watts

      Or anything else for that matter. Imagine if it wasn’t already a car park and then someone decided to designate it as a car only attraction… Hang on that’s blackheath and Greenwich council. 2 approaches, 1 postcode

  2. Local authorities are determined to funnel all traffic onto the main roads on the pretext of ‘it’s what residents want’.

    Lewisham council has started to introduce a ‘traffic reduction scheme’ in the Lee area which has seen junctions blocked off and drivers doing a big circuit instead of going from A to B. If the councils really want to reduce driving, introduce more controlled parking zones so that commuter drivers can’t leave their cars in side roads all day to the detriment of residents.

  3. Richard

    Now where’s all the new metro lines to deal with all these road closures? Where’s the plan to deal with increased traffic at a standstill? Nowhere. More virtue signalling nonsense to make a minority feel good at the expense of air quality and congestion, as well as those with mobility issues. An absolute joke. Cities are now awful places. Continual fighting people that need to get on in life, making everything more difficult whilst providing no new railways with their utopian world.

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