Peabody launch “wonder centre” in Abbey Wood

Brace yourself as Peabody transport you to another world with this wondrous structure in Abbey Wood.

In a planning application including some howlers (London Borough of Bexleyheath anyone?) they have decided to rename a sales centre as a “Wonder Centre”.

Their tongue must be so far in cheek its entered another continent

These buildings are now gone – but no plans for replacement submitted

This Wonder Centre will be dazzling passers-by for five years on a site to the rear of buildings that included a takeaway, newsagent and flats. Residents and shopowners campaigned for years but Peabody kicked them out, and now part of the site is to be a sales centre. The rest of the site will include a small car park.

Buildings to left of BP garage is the site of new sales centre – sorry, Wonder Centre

Peabody have been extremely slow to draw up plans for this site and others along Harrow Manorway. They havn’t submitted detailed planning application five years after being given Housing Zone status. It’s taken nearly a decade to start at a long-cleared site just north of that.

And as for the marketing nonsense, well, this is the Housing Association that tried to fool buyers at flats opposite Belmarsh prison in Thamesmead into thinking they are close to Greenwich town centre.

Peabody, more action and less laughable marketing please.


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7 thoughts on “Peabody launch “wonder centre” in Abbey Wood

  • Commedians seem to be employed not only in Peabody but Greenwich Council are also ram jam full of them

  • It’s called a “wonder centre,” because people will wonder what the hell Peabody are prattling on about.

  • Yes to both of the above comments. So much for social housing which is very much needed.

    It is no good Councils keep blaming the Government for lack of social housing. 9 times out of 10 it is Council Planners that approve these developments.

    It is also local Councils that receive the money from Developers which is supposed to be used to improve the areas around new developments and improve transport etc. However, Murky is better than me at explaning this.

  • Local authorities cannot use government constraints as an excuse for the lack of social housing. Greenwich council has Meridian Home start, but has committed to building only a small number of homes.

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