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Man arrested after “shooting at wildlife” in Burgess Park

Armed police were called to Burgess Park this morning around 9am after reports of a man firing an air rifle at wildlife.

Police seized the weapon and a man was arrested.

There are reports that a wildlife was injured, however this is yet to be confirmed.


  1. Paul SuperUnknown

    Bloody idiot! What was the matter? No children around? I’m betting he’s single, lives with his parents, and afraid of women.

  2. Graham

    Could be just a stupid idiot with out an ounce of a brain cell. Picking on innocent wildlife that cannot answer back or defend themselves against him.

  3. JB

    Innocent wildlife? Is there guilty wildlife?

  4. Psychopaths often start out by killing or injuring animals. Unfortunately, there probably won’t be a strong enough sanction for his actions.

    • CDT

      Totally agree anonymous201481 he does deserve a severe sanction for this. He certainly needs mental health reports completed thats for sure.

  5. Graham

    Well said both anonymous01481 and CDT.

    People that pick on defenceless animals are the same people that pick on innocent children and women etc who are weaker than them and cannot fight back as easily.

    Anyone who thinks this is funny or supports this kind of behaviour is just as bad. .

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