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Pride crossings are returning to Greenwich this weekend

Courtesy Greenwich Council

Greenwich Council have announced that seven pride crossings will be painted this weekend across the borough.

Crossings were painted last year in a number of locations including Woolwich beside Wetherspoons at General Gordon Square and Greenwich town centre.

The council will reveal the full list of locations soon. At least two are in Eltham I’m told. One on Well Hall Road near co-op and another on Avery Hill Road.




  1. Jo

    Great to hear. A nice gesture and they really light up some streets.

    However they were (and will be?) installed in Greenwich in a location that should have been pedestrianised by now, and needn’t even have a crossing anymore if they did some actual work and carried out removal of the one-way system. Then a pride crossing could be installed elsewhere in the town.

    How have they still done next to nothing with covid-19 responses across most of the borough? Not some half arsed jobs that took an hour but real and meaningful work. I’ve just read about 28 projects in Lewisham.

    So yeah, I really like these but is it a sop for doing next to nothing across the borough to help with active travel?

  2. Graham

    I support the LGBTQ community and good to see it is recognised in Greenwich. AS everyone should be treated equally and afirly regrdless of who they are or where they come from.

    However, I cannot help but think this money would have been much better spent on health and social care and getting vital services to the most vulnerable in our Borough. While we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.

  3. Graham

    ** Equally and fairly **

  4. gaya

    Why don’t they just leave it there permanently? Seems silly to always paint it between June-Aug? Bit tokenistic. I note this one gets positive comments but when the black history month one goes up all the comments are filled with ‘great as long as they do one for remembrance day’. I wonder why…..?

    • Comment by post author


      Yeah true. I covered the Remembrance Day signs and it went quiet but I bet the same comments return.

    • Graham

      That is what equality is all about treating everyone equally and fairly and not favouring one particular group or section of the community. Hence why we celebrate Black History Month, Gay pride and Remembrance Day.

      Remembrance Day is very important in the UK and is to pay respects to members of our brave Armed Forces who fought and lost lives fighting for our Country or substained serious injuries fighting for our Country in the previous two wars and subsquent conflicts around the world and still are day,

      Woolwich is also a Garrison Town with a lot of military history,

  5. Kit

    Fully appreciate and hear the comments on tokenism and political manoeuvring here and elsewhere – but as a gay resident seeing these public displays makes my heart feel full. I am so proud to live here and these symbols make me think that maybe the area is proud to have me here too.

    Happy Pride, all.

  6. Richard

    Oh look! More council sponsored hard left graffiti at the taxpayers’ expense. Gosh, the spare cash available when Labour councils complain about lack of money is astonishing. The latest London Mayor’s office salaries is fascinating too. All ehilst cutting transport funding and projects, proposing nothing for London except more tax. Incredible.

    • Luke

      This is not actually funded by the council but by a variety of sponsors who get behind the cause. I’m sorry you feel that painting a rainbow to show support for LGBT people once a year is ‘hard left graffiti’, I dread to think what else goes on in your head.

    • Comment by post author


      It’s supported across the political spectrum. It’s also been sponsored. Mayoral salaries are about 0.0000001% of covid affects.

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