Lewisham Council reveal street projects in Blackheath, Catford and elsewhere

Lewisham Council have revealed the locations of street changes to be undertaken for pedestrians and cyclists.

One such project is Sangley Road in Catford. It’s not been long since street works finished along the street. Since then complaints of drivers parking on paving have arisen. Project details include:

“Install water filled barriers adjacent to the zig-zag lines to prohibit vehicles from mounting the footpath outside the co-op”.

Sangley Road with car on paving

This appears to be an admission that the project before did not work – and enforcement is poor. It’s a site where parking spaces use the same materials as paving. TfL street guidance advises against it.

Other sites include:

  • Dartmouth Rd
  • Coulgate Street
  • Hither Green Lane
  • Foxberry Rd
  • Staplehurst Rd
  • Wells Park Rd

More projects can be seen here.

Alterations to road layouts which block cars but permit cycling will also be installed at a number of sites. These six go in next week and are the first of 30:

  • Scawen Road
  • George Lane
  • Kitto Road
  • Glenbow Rd
  • South Row
  • Bishopsthorpe Rd
  • Silverdale
Courtesy Darian Thomson. Parking and obstacles soon returned to Deptford High Street

Deptford High Street saw measures installed weeks ago. Drivers moved barriers out of the way soon after installation – so Lewisham Council removed them entirely. Not a great precedent. Enforcement has long been poor in the area. Will new measures be more successful?


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4 thoughts on “Lewisham Council reveal street projects in Blackheath, Catford and elsewhere

  • Although I am a driver I welcome these improvements to make pavements wider for pedestrians and roads safer for cyclist. Not only now during the Covid-19 health crisis. But also during the normal winter flu season where we also get a lot of other winter viruses.

    Many pavements are too narrow and it is diificulty to pass other people safely. It is even harder if you have children and or a buggy or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

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  • While improvements to some of the roads are a overdue and correct the decision to close South Row to cars has not been thought through properly and will ultimately cause more traffic and pollution.

    Most Cyclists and pedestrians crossing the heath near the Paragon towards Greenwich Park from Kidbrooke Grove/Blackheath Gardens opt to take one of the paths on the right of the heath well before the bottom of that road and will continue to do so as there is a straight route with zebra crossings and further near the park a set of pedestrian traffic lights.
    Closing South Row will force cars through the Cator Estate or on a diversion of around a mile to the main road across the heath or around through Kidbrooke Village and up past the Old and New Tigers head pubs.

    One would hope this is just temporary and perhaps to also allow the Princess of Wales to have some sort of socially distanced opening option but as a permanent feature this will only turn locals against the council.

  • why have you turned farmfield road in to a main road by closing glenbow road


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