Black Lives Matter protest planned for today in Bexleyheath

A planned protest in Bexleyheath Broadway for Black Lives Matter is expected this afternoon from 1pm.

Bexley Council state: “We are aware that there is a planned protest in Bexley tomorrow, which is one of many planned across London. The police have been liaising with the organiser, seeking to ensure that the protest is peaceful. The organisers have also been reminded to respect social distancing rules.”

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A larger march is expected this afternoon in central London. Over the past week protests have been held in Nine Elms, central London, Peckham and Lewisham.

Another protest is expected today in Crystal Palace park.



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12 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter protest planned for today in Bexleyheath

  • I totally support this march as every single live matters regardless of who they are or where they come from !!

    There is no place for racism or inequality in 2020 and everyone must be treated equally and fairly and treated on their own merits.

    However, I would like to praise the marchers in the UK for not carrying out the levels of violence we have seen in the USA as do not agree with innocent peoples property damaged which is totally uncalled for. When the situation has nothing to do with them

    So I do say a really big thank you to you all, Keep safe and have a peaceful march and have a peaceful safe afternoon.

    Respect to you all.

    • You obviously missed them ripping up cycle racks and throwing them and the cycles at the horses causing one horse to rear up after being hit by the missiles and throw the WPC to the ground? She is now in hospital seriously hurt! The Police horses were not charging but just standing still at the time! And spitting in the faces of PC’s, throwing missiles at them and writing ‘pigs’ on the floor. The Police were just standing there and there was no aggression on their part!!! This is Britain and the Police here don’t do the same thing as american cops!! A few facts…. out of 163 people to die caused by or at the hands of the Police. 140 were WHITE, 13 black and the rest were other nations!!! Matbe look that up?

      • D.W.W. my post was made about 11am yesterday morning (Saturday) a couple of hours before the march was due to take place in Bexleyheath and it was this particular March i was referring. I did actually say EVERY SINGLE LIFE MATTERS WHEREVER THEY ARE FROM OR WHO THEY ARE. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am against violence in way shape of form.

        I did post another post later in the day when I heard a disturbance was talking place.

        Having said that as violence and willful criminal damage as continued today I hope all those responsible are caught and receive a custodial sentence as this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable.

        My thoughts are with all the police officers hurt during the protest and also the horses. I am against anyone who hurts innocent animals too.

  • Good luck all! Stay safe, wear mask and gloves.

    • I’m an advocate for Non Violent Resistance… and glad to see that our more suburban areas feel appalled that such Racism is still rife in society. I hope everyone stays safe and that Raci is one of the scourges of society that we can do without as we ease lockdown x

  • I am really disappointed that a group of protesters on the Black Lifes Matters march turned to violence in Central London.. I do believe like football hooligans a group of people travel to events like this with the sole aim to causing trouble and arenot really part of the main group of protesters.

    This kind of behaviour totally undermines the protest for genuine people who are trying to get their views heard in a peaceful orderly manner. I feel this small group of people have badly let a lot of protesters down around the Country who have been protesting peacefully,

    I fully support the march as all lives matter regardless of where you come from or who you are no one deserves to die at the hands of another human being..

    So this would also be a good times for gangs to call a truce and put their weapons down.
    across the country so they can turn their lives around while there is still time.

    Please continue to protest peacefully. Keep safe and respect to you all.


    • Quite right Graham, sound thinking and sentiment which is unfortunately missing these days. Lots of people cashing in on the murder of George Floyd from Amazon’s facial recognition software being trialled by the police against the rioters (despite the fact Amazon are publicly showing solidarity with BLM) to the developers already buying up areas burned down. And of course the thugs who are itching for violence in the name of justice – as was the case with poor Lee Rigby.

      What concerns me is the sudden talk in the US of defunding police – and how long it will take to spread here. In Minneapolis 9 of the 13 City Council members are seriously talking about doing away with the police entirely and similar is being discussed in New York. I greatly fear this isn’t going to be the last we hear of this dreadful business

  • Yes I have to agree I totally support peaceful marching as all lives really do matter whever your from or who you are.

    Yes also agree every body does need to be treated fairly equally and on their own merits regardless of :-

    Gender reassignment
    Religion or belief
    Sexual orientation
    Marriage or civil partnership
    Pregnancy and maternity

    People need to be treated in a proper professional manner at all times !!

  • I totally support peaceful protest and even civil disobedience, just not vandalism and violence. The majority of protesters were peaceful, but unfortunately any goodwill and sympathy to the cause has been severely damaged if not lost by some or the criminal element.
    The police actions which caused the death of George Flloyd quite rightly drew the vast majority of people left & right of the political spectrum together to rightfully condemn what has happened, but the rioters actions have totally overshadowed this.
    I think this is going to set back any progress which is desperately needed

    • A lot of people that cause trouble at protest like this go there with the sole aim of causing trouble and travel around the country doing so. Which undermines anyone that is protesting peacefully

      The violence and vandalism that took place yesterday and today is totally unacceptable and to destroy statues that are part of our Country’s heritage is beyond believe and unforgivable,

      • Agreed Graham. We need some leaders with cool heads from the protestors side to take control and try to separate them from the criminal element and make it clear that their actions are not acceptable and are harming their justifiable grievances.

        I think there are some poliitcal extremists (extreme far left, anarchist groups etc) who are infiltrating these protests too who are using this to further their aims. I’ve seem quite a bit of evidence of this on social media.
        The Government’s opponents (both here and in the US) are also not helping and trying to make political capital from the chaos.
        I feel it’s going to get more worse and create more division


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