Bexleyheath could see new bar as part of Eastside Quarter

Plans for a new bar within a development in Bexleyheath town centre look set to be decided next week.

Good Space Tap are seeking approval to open within Unit 5 at the development which sits to the east of the town centre. The same company as Greenhithe microbrewery No Frills Joe are behind the venture.

New development

This site has covered progress at the development a few times in recent years at what was the former Civic Centre.

Sports Direct then purchased the site from Tesco who did little for years, with Bellway then building homes above commercial space including a Sports Direct.

Sports Direct on right

Outside seating is planned the site offering food, hot and cold drinks and snacks. No Frills Joe offer a wide variety of specialised beer.


However a number of objections have been made including noise, people following others into blocks of flats, impact on children and impact on the value of flats.

Plans show a modest-sized affair and like outlets from most micro-breweries and tap rooms, this isn’t looking like the type of place that’ll cause much trouble. It’s not exactly a Walkabout or Lloyds-type place.

Eastside Quarter near existing shops, restaurant and cinema

The applicants state they will open for 8am each morning offering breakfast snacks and coffee.

If approved, it should allow a small start-up local business to hopefully grow – and not to mention provide employment.


The site is located within “Eastside Quarter” which as a whole seems a decent enough development. The biggest issue is the tallest block is not of great design, but nearby mid-rises are well proportioned and provide hundreds of homes and custom to local shops.

Mid-rise blocks providing homes and commercial units

It’s directly beside the town centre and could be seen as an extension of it given commercial units at street level plus Cineworls and Lidl over the road.

The arrival of new homes of course benefits not only local independent outlets but provides a surer footing for local attractions such as Cineworld over the road.

New homes means new custom for existing and new businesses

Cinemas are struggling and extra custom through new housing should help it remain in the town.

Bexley Council’s licensing committee are set to decide on the Good Space Tap next week.



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    One thought on “Bexleyheath could see new bar as part of Eastside Quarter

    • Goodness those objections are depressing and many are incredibly ignorant. Someone tries off their own back to start their own independent business offering what could be an excellent place for people to socialise providing new jobs and it’s moan, moan, moan. Some seem to think its like a club open til 4am or something not a small micro cafe/bar.

      Most make literally no sense. Firstly, the value of your flat does not come above providing places for people to meet and socialise. And what on earth did you expect moving into a town centre development with commercial units ALREADY in the area nearby and others planned below? If anything having a decent local place like a tap room makes the development more appealing to many!

      It’s just a litany of ignorance. There’s a playground in the development so don’t allow a bar? By that reasoning no bar or pub or cafe or anything should ever be allowed to exist. “High chance of rats”? Again, could happen with any shop, cafe, bar etc. Just ban them all. Better knock down all homes too as some people get infestations. Christ on a bike it’s amazing how some moan about anything. Don’t people do the bare minimum when moving to a *town centre* of thinking maybe they’ll be town centre activates there? It’ll blow some people’s minds in their tiny world if they ever went to many other countries where cafes and bars are open every street corner until the early hours below apartments. I mean it’s common all over the UK too!

      You can tell how clueless they are as they think school children will visit. Yep, they will go to a premium place like this for a £6 pint of craft beer after schools finishes. It’s so ridiculous. One thinks it’s a sports bar. Clearly no idea whatsoever what this type of places is like.

      Ignore the silly ill-informed complaints and lets get it open. I will certainly visit. It looks great. Nice place for a coffee in the morning or a drink at night. It’s clearly not a place to get smashed. Those who moan should have moved somewhere where there was no chance of a town centre activities i.e. not a town centre above commercial units. I mean how silly do you have to be?


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