Bexleyheath town centre construction update

Construction company Coinford have released updates of work underway on building over 500 new homes and nine shops in Bexleyheath town centre.

It’s one of the biggest developments now rising in Bexley borough and unlike many larger schemes this does not appear to be being built out slowly with activity across the site. For example, Thamesmead’s Southmere Village is larger in number yet only 150 homes are currently being built. Erith’s Quarry development is similar.

Lidl on right from this angle

Que the usual comments about parking (or lack of). This crops up with almost every new development and some miss the fact that numbers of people driving in London has fallen sharply in recent years – particularly those under 40 who are a target for this kind of development.

Across the country: “only 37% of 17 to 29-year-olds reported driving a car in a typical week between 2010 and 2014. The figure stood at 46% between 1995 and 1999. The decline in car use was more rapid among men than women.”

It’s a similar story for those in their 30s.

Bus changes

However a bit more validity does apply to those questioning potential car usage at this site as it’s not near any station. It’s a pretty long walk to Bexleyheath station and buses will add on a fair bit of commuting time. I expect the aim is new residents use the forthcoming new 301 bus (which should start sometime this year) which will run directly to Abbey Wood then take Crossrail to Canary Wharf in 11 minutes or central London in 20. The bus will likely take as long as the train to central London.

And really only those in central London wages would be able to afford to live here. Not many local jobs will pay enough. Just 22% of flats are so-called “affordable” and none at social rent levels.

View from Sainsbury’s car park

Then again, the vast majority of people moving will know in advance of the parking situation so complaining later won’t wash. No one is forcing people to move here.

It’s worth mentioning good work from Coinford who do a very good job updating the public with images of progress across their sites.

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2 thoughts on “Bexleyheath town centre construction update

  • New developments like that don’t need on site parking and if London and SE is going to function generally as time passes, you have to reduce car ownership and usage. Patterns of travel in London and even between inner and outer london, won’t be the same as elsewhere, purely due to the availability of public transport and car clubs etc.

  • On the note of the new 301 bus route between Bexleyheath to Woolwich via Abbey Wood (Crossrail). On checking the London Bus Route.Net website they have now given new route 301 a provisional start date as June 2019. If this will happen no one knows at this stage.

    If could be the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan just trying to please Bexley residents after his recent public meeting with them when some of the residents become very vocal and upset about the cuts to local train and bus services. .


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