Plans for Eltham council housing: Consultation now on

Greenwich Council have launched an online consultation on plans to build new public housing on Well Hall Road in Eltham. The blocks would comprise 20 flats.

It’s welcome to see new public housing plans on a garage site though there’s some reservations for me. What is with the high brick wall at street level? No attempt at active frontage or natural surveillance of the street. Ugly to boot.

The building is set far back from the street edge. It needn’t go right to the very edge but building closer to paving could permit more much-needed new homes on this plot. The green is heavily sloped and little use as a playing area. Moving the building could also increase the size of a “shared landscaped outdoor space to the rear”.

View from Well Hall Road

I can see why they’ve done it. It retains the building line along the street and a path running a few feet parallel to the street is retained, but on the balance of probabilities is it the right decision? A tough one.

The council’s waiting list continues to grow and use of public funds to house people in temporary private accommodation continues to rise sharply. Less homes here means more people in the type of home I covered here, with people moved miles from friends and family, support networks, children’s schools and often in extremely poor quality housing (which costs taxpayers huge sums).

This is regularly seen in council reports. Ever more millions needing to be found due to public housing shortages

At least it isn’t one or two storeys, and a stable home will be provided to people who lack one.

Click here to view plans.






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    4 thoughts on “Plans for Eltham council housing: Consultation now on

    • I think the plans would be passed as they are. At least it is new council homes being built which are always very much welcomed.

      I wonder if these will rents will be set at market value rents similar to the news homes on Erwood Road in Charlton which I think are set around £199.00 per week if my memory serves me right, Also for the Erwood Road properties you have to have an affordability test before being allocated a property there. As i think it said no housing benefit again if my memory serves me right.

      It will be interesting to see once built how these properties will be let out to potential tenants.

    • Looking at the comments on the proposal, the consensus seems to be ‘not enough parking’ and ‘out of keeping’ with the surrounding area, although one person questioned building there at all and suggested the development should be ‘further out’. In their view, social housing tenants shouldn’t be allowed to live in a central area.

      • To be honest a lot NIMBYs are utterly selfish and would oppose any housing. I’m alright Jack is their view.

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