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Former Greenwich Majestic shop to finally be demolished for new flats?

Fire station to rear of site

Plans are in again to demolish the former Majestic wine store in Greenwich.

Plans were submitted to demolish the shop at 123 Greenwich South Street back in June 2017 and approved in January 2018 as covered on this site.

Since then plans for demolition were submitted and refused. Now another application to demolish has been submitted.

If we do, then this is what will take its place:

New build to left of junction



  1. Lawrence Parker

    Looks a real eye core .
    Any improvement welcome 👍👍👍🥂🎉

  2. Graham

    After 3 years since the original plans were submiited way back in 2017. I hope the plans are passed and work can start on the Majestic shop site in the very near future providing jobs for local construction workers,

    I like the plans and think the new development will fit in better with other properties on Greenwich South Street.

    I do think Planning Officers do need to try and clear some of the outstanding planning applications so work can start on these sites as we try to recover from the covid-19 crisis and kick start our economy..

  3. The building(s) have been demolished and the site fenced off.

    I see that the planned building is a pale imitation of the nearby Georgian architecture. I would rather have seen something modern.

    @Graham, it will take more than getting the construction industry going to kickstart the economy. Covid-19 has done for a lot of businesses who were only just clinging on in the age of austerity. Millions have lost their job with nothing to replace it.

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