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Plans for Majestic wine shop in Greenwich to be demolished

Plans will be decided next week on demolishing the Majestic wine shop on Greenwich South Street for replacement with flats.

The plans see a new retail unit at street level with nine flats on two floors above.

They’ll be five parking spaces for shoppers behind the retail unit on the ground floor.

The planning reference is 17/1914/F. Click here to search.


  1. GWEST

    Ah well, it’s not all that majestic.. 🙂

    Hey Murky, do you know what this absurd looking tower behind it is about? only seems a stairs, was it part of some other building?

    • Comment by post author


      It’s part of the fire station.

      • Chris Nash

        Used for training firefighters in how to tackle fires in high-rise tower blocks, very important in a city. A number of fire stations across London (the ones that haven’t been closed down, that is) have these towers.

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