Forthcoming Tower Bridge to Greenwich cycle highway sees temporary measures introduced

Transport for London today announced a number of measures across London to cater for pedestrians and cyclists.

One project announced is a number of temporary measures along Cycle Highway 4 from Tower Bridge to the edge of Greenwich in advance of permanent work completing.

Heading past Bermondsey station

This site has previously taken a look at work being undertaken on the cycle lane in Deptford. Some small  stretches have already completed.

Taken in December 2019 looking at work in Deptford

Measures are to help people reach employment destinations in central London as business reopens and restrictions on public transport remain in place.

Cycle work will end here

Cycle Highway 4 ends just as it reaches Greenwich at the junction beside Waitrose and New Capital Quay. Greenwich Council will need to install their own measures in the town and borough. Much guardrail currently pens pedestrians inside narrow paving as soon as the planned cycle lane stops.

Greenwich. Cycle work does not extend here

The Greenwich one-way system is also an area with narrow paving and car-dominated layout.

Greenwich Town Centre. Narrow paving

Longer term work in years to come is planned here, but nothing has so far been announced for the short term.

Guardrail forces pedestrians into close proximity

There has been a number of complaints regarding closed paths through Greenwich with the Thames path closed in places alongside the Old Naval College grounds.

Deptford High Street

Greenwich have yet to reveal any measures across the borough. Lewisham revealed an online portal this week asking for public suggestions alongside a number of ideas for projects and locations such as Deptford High Street, and other boroughs have begun rolling out schemes in advance of TfL work.

TfL changes will be seen in various parts of London including:

“Widening more pavements in town centres to allow people to access local essential shops and services more easily. Pavements will be widened in more than 20 locations, including in Brixton and Earl’s Court in the coming days”

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    One thought on “Forthcoming Tower Bridge to Greenwich cycle highway sees temporary measures introduced

    • My ideas:
      1. Remove all guardrail
      2. Make Deptford High Street access only, ban on street car-parking.
      3. Accelerate improvements in Greenwich town centre by making the south and west sides of the gyratory two-way, pedestrianise the north and east sides.



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