Views sought on revised Woolwich town centre development

Developers behind a major project in Woolwich town centre are to revise plans and have launched a new website seeking feedback.

The project is on the former site of Woolwich Polytechnic school facing Beresford Street and MacBean Street and includes the current market pound.

Site overview

I first looked at plans back in June last year. That application was for “a mixed use development within 5 blocks ranging in height from 2 to 22 storeys comprising up to 642 residential units”.

Submitted last year

We have little new information to go on via the new website which negates somewhat the worth of asking for feedback. There is some information however, such as home number have now reduced to “622 new Build-to-Rent homes, a reduction of 20 compared to the original application. This reduction will allow us to include more affordable four-bedroom affordable homes for families.”

Just 20 per cent will be “affordable”. At other new build-to-rent homes we have seen vast rents. One recently completed block in Deptford charges:

Monthly rents

The twenty per cent “affordable” is split 70/30 between:

Genuinely Affordable: According to some definitions this is around social housing levels however the development website states that all “affordable” homes are “intermediate products”.

London Living Rent: Set at an average in London of £1030 a month for a 2-bed flat.


There’s one image which appears to show design evolution.

Image from new website

Last year’s proposal sought to open up new routes through the site including one off Powis Street leading to Murray’s Yard:

Future site entrance off Powis Street

And another site entrance will be created opposite Lidl. Sadly this building and arch – as basic as it is – will go if plans approved:

Another entrance to site

The building seen to the rear will also be demolished.

To be demolished under both 2019 and revised 2020 plans

I’ll be keeping an eye out for when revisions are uploaded to Greenwich Council’s Planning Portal and put up a new post as soon as that appears. Or when the development’s website is fleshed out somewhat.

One concern I had back in 2019 was potentially limited space for pedestrians and cyclists in Beresford Street. That issue has recently came into greater prominence with a need for social distancing.

No cycle lane and relatively narrow paving in renders at this project. Alongside wider paving could the central reservation be removed to free up space?

All flats will be build to rent will just 20 per cent designated as “affordable.

A development is proposed directly opposite the site at the former Catholic Club.

Catholic Club plans

Click here to view the new website on MacBean Street plans.


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    5 thoughts on “Views sought on revised Woolwich town centre development

    • Thank you for the update Murky.

    • They certainly need to make sure that all new developments have wider pavements and public spaces so people can still keep social distancing in the future.

      The new buildings which form part of the Spray Street along side the covered market by Plumsread Road needs to be set back a little further to allow for wider pavement remains here and gives people waiting at bus stops more space as most routes stop at these bus stops coming in to Woolwich.

      Yes some larger properties are probably needed i.e more 3 and 4 bedrooms, But having larger families. Surely these would be better as houses with gardens for chidren to play in?

    • Does anyone know what is happing with the old Woolwich Baths site on Bath Street Woolwich. I know it is temporaily occupied but I thought there were plans to redevloped the building in some way? I think the building could also be listed but i am not sure?

      Also any news when building works will start on the Island Business Centre including Woolwich Polytechnic buildings on the corner of Wellington street and Thomas Street ? AS plans seems to have been submitted quiet sometime ago.

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