Serious assault reported at the Slade in Plumstead

Serious assault reported at the Slade in Plumstead

There has been a serious assault this afternoon (3rd May) in Plumstead.

A large number of police are in the area around the Slade near Plumstead Common.

Witnesses reported searches and a helicopter overhead. A woman was reportedly the victim of a violent mugging.

If you were in the area around 3-4pm and saw anything you can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111



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4 thoughts on “Serious assault reported at the Slade in Plumstead

  1. I was walking my dog and could hear the victim wailing.
    She was mugged in clear daylight around 16:00, with the mugger taking her phone while she was going for a stroll with her young son.
    In the process she was apparently stabbed in her leg.

    Fortunately police and ambulance arrived within 5-10 minutes, and managed to help her.

    No sign of the mugger though, I hope they get him (most likely a men)

  2. 99% likely to be a drug fiend stealing for a fix. Legalisation and state sanctioned medically controlled supplies is the only way to beat this scourge. Poor lady.

  3. My thoughts are with the victim and her child. I both they both make a full recovery and can move on from this sensless attack.

    The poor lady and her child must have terrified. Guust I hope the mugger is also caught and quick before they attack another innocent victim.

    1. I hope the same for them, she was extremely upset.
      Fortunately also her son with husband arrived within 10 minutes to be there for her.

      If only I arrived at that spot 2 minutes earlier I could have been more helpfull. Now everything had happened already.

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