Plan submitted for new housing block in Dartford town centre

An application has been made for 31 new flats on the edge of Dartford town centre beside Highfield House.

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Highfield House in Spital Street and Highfield Road will be retained and buildings constructed above a new car park. The Priory shopping centre is just 200 metres to the east. Dartford station is 500 metres to the north east.


The current occupants of Highfield House are seeking to expand and will use office space within the new building.

New shop space

Commercial space is also provided. The project is from Kwisdom Properties who occupy office space within Highfield House. They employ 80 people and are expanding.

Dartford has struggled badly in recent years. A combination of Bluewater shopping centre helping to damage the town centre, M25 traffic chocking the area and Tesco buying much land then not developing for a decade left a shadow over the town.

Plans to revamp long-closed co-op

In recent years a number of developments have commenced which could breath new life into the area and bring custom to blighted shops.

Dartford town centre

The town possesses an attractive High Street and green spaces.

New homes near park

Will it regain some of its old strength? If it can renovate good existing buildings, support local business expand and encourage newcomers with money to spend then it may just achieve it. There’s a lot of positives in the area to build from.

Click here to view plans.


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2 thoughts on “Plan submitted for new housing block in Dartford town centre

  • I like the look of these developments and really do hope that the new developments and commercial space will help to regenerate Dartford Town Centre. So new businesses and shoppers return to Dartford Town Centre.

    I think our Town Centres will now be mixture of residential and retail/commercial space. Hopefully they will also bring some new jobs to the area.

  • That render in the first image – the building itself looks ok, but I cannot help but notice how some of the ‘pedestrians’ have been placed on the least amount of pavement next to the road. I hope that as part of the development, there is enough pavement to avoid that.


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