Robbery victim attacked with knife during Chislehurst robbery

Police are appealing for help after a knife-point robbery yesterday (29th April) saw a victim suffer knife wounds to their shoulder.

According to police:

“Officers were called to Old Hill on 29th April 2020 at 11:46am to a knife point robbery. The victim received knife wounds to his shoulder and his hand. These were deemed non-life threatening.”

Detectives are investigating and are keen to speak to anyone who may have seen 4 white males, who fled the scene, in a silver SUV If you have any information call police on 101 quoting CAD 2312/29APR”


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    5 thoughts on “Robbery victim attacked with knife during Chislehurst robbery

    • I hope these 4 four men are caught as soon as possible as they are dangerous and have knives. They are also taking advantage of the current lockdown situation to rob innocent victims. They are the lowest of the low scumbags.

      I hope the victim makes a full recovery our thoughts are with him.

      Sadly the Chislehurst area is seeing a rise in crimes of late.

      • As succinct as ever Graham. The lockdown is making the lowlifes bolder than ever knowing the police will probably be required elsewhere. When a government is on its way to failing citizens the right to walk without fear its in danger of forfeiting its rights to govern. Bad enough with knives on the streets but with the virus too its business all round

      • actually crime is down this year

    • I am sorry if I offend anyone however, We have all hit hard times in our lives and have had spells of unemployment and ill health etc. But we do not go around acting like this. Just no excuse for it.

      But you are also correctt in what you say Charles.

    • crime maybe on the back burner at present….but sadly there could well be an explosion on crime after lockdown as the gangs regain their patches and police could be over whelmed as gangs return to repay disagreements that were not dealt with pre-lockdown. They also many court cases will take ages to come to court and many will get a slap wrist instead of prison when finally in court.


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