Abbey Wood woman jailed for 5 1/2 years for Grenfell Tower and NHS fraud

A council worker from Abbey Wood has been jailed for five and a half years after being convicted of defrauding a Grenfell Tower disaster fund. She stole £62,062 meant for victims as well as ripping off the NHS.

Jenny McDonagh, 39, of Willrose Crescent, worked for Kensington and Chelsea Council after being hired in October 2017.

Caught withdrawing cash at Charing Cross

She withdrew £39,945 from cash machines, on many occasions around Abbey Wood, and then placed cash into her personal account.

She also activated pre-paid credit cards for survivors.

Money was spent on expensive meals, clothing and bags plus flights to Los Angeles,  Paris, Reykjavk, and Dubai.


Before that, she worked for the NHS and admitted defrauding Medway NHS Trust out of £35,050 in 2016 after submitting four false invoices with her bank details on them.

Even after being arrested on 1st August she continued to use a pre-paid credit card. The judge branded her “utterly repugnant” upon sentencing her to five and a half years.

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One thought on “Abbey Wood woman jailed for 5 1/2 years for Grenfell Tower and NHS fraud

  • What a vile specimen this is, I do hope she has to pay this money back before she kicks the bucket.
    We now are paying to keep her staying ugly, fed and watered for 3 years, lets face it she wont be doing the whole sentence. Hope she suffers, nothing but a Thief,


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