Ongoing nonsense around 5G masts. Are they popping up under cover of lockdown? No.

Well this week really has brought out the absolute idiots. If you havn’t been following the laughable stories about 5G mobile internet roll-out at the moment, firstly, lucky you, and secondly, you’ve missed a shitshow of complete stupidity.

I will spare you the moronic “evidence” which is mostly people believing wholesale some nonsense off Youtube and how “the man” doesn’t want you to know. Because of course Youtube is an underground plucky upstart and not owned by Google with a reach of billions.

One of my favourite claims is that the current time is being used by those nefarious mobile companies to install 5G masts. One such example I’ve seen was Thamesmead.

As someone who follows planning applications every week, and has done for years to seek out upcoming changes and research, the masts have not just sprung up. They’ve all been in the planning process and visible to all for years. Here’s one for Western Way in Thamesmead. I’ve seen applications for them all the time.

Like 4G before, and 3G before it, mast installation follows a process set out in public. Anyone can check.

Many 5G masts have been working for almost a year across London. Somehow I’m able to walk around without stepping over piles of dead birds.

The idea they are being put up suddenly and in the hope no one will notice (‘cos no one will notice a bloody big mast being put up right?) is amusing if it wasn’t so stupid. Some of this crap is leading people to ignore restrictions on going out and spreading a virus which will kill many people.





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5 thoughts on “Ongoing nonsense around 5G masts. Are they popping up under cover of lockdown? No.

  • Only yesterday I was sent a video via WhatsApp whose central rant was the massive escalation in the surveillance society, via 5G towers, under cover of the lockdown. It never fails to surprise me what people are willing to believe.

    • I saw the one with Amir Khan, confusing technology updates with virus outbreaks (he was out by a year in almost every case). The amount of people on sites like RT claiming its a hoax fully justifies my belief that we’re not going to be getting out of lockdown anytime soon. Morons

  • South Korea (the home of Samsung) has had working 5G for almost a year. 183 deaths from 10,237 confirmed cases. The only outbreak we can’t control is the outbreak of stupid

  • Well said Charles. As soon as I was sent the you tube video on whats app of the man sitting in his car ranting about the 5G mast and all the dead birds on the M25 I thought what an idiot and deleted it.

    What absolute rubbish !! Far too many idiots out there making fake news and stories to try and get a few minutes of fame.

    The guy concerned could not have done his stupid you tube video with out the help of mobile technology.

    We all demand better mobile signals and technology so more mobile mast will be erected as mobile networks continue most of these new mast will now be 5G.

    I am really pleased to say the birds in my area are all safe and well and flying around. !!


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