Are traffic levels picking up in Woolwich and Greenwich?

After two weeks of lockdown are we starting to see more people driving in areas such as Woolwich and Greenwich?

The A2 heading south from Greenwich

It seemed busier to me and a look at TfL traffic cams certainly shows a reasonable number of vehicles on the roads. Far from normal levels of course but higher than this time last week?


Yesterday’s Government briefing did show an uptick nationally in car use. In London it still appears very quiet in central London and on motorways around the capital, but areas such as New Cross are not at all empty.

New Cross

Have you noticed an uptick? Will this prolong a lockdown given the death roll reached new heights today?


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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    15 thoughts on “Are traffic levels picking up in Woolwich and Greenwich?

    • Because of the closeness on rail and tube people are taking to the roads I think

    • Definitely there are many more people out and about today. On foot and in car. It felt almost like a normal day around the place, during the quick trip I just took. Charlton, Plumstead, Woolwich. Guess the govt were right to say that people get bored of the lockdown and it’s all about the correct timing.

    • Tony – seconded. Elsewhere I described it earlier as a quiet normal day in Charlton. It’s starting to unravel.They need to clamp down on this sharpish but I fear they won’t. I’m sure they know the writing is on the wall, hence the stern warnings at the 1700 presser.

    • Sadly , this Government Should have Prepared for this Deadly Virus . Back in January, But People Going Out More Now ! Will only bring More Deaths , My thoughts are with , All the front line People, Who are Risking There Life’s in Trying to Help those with this Virus . God bless You all.

    • I think Chris and Tony James are both right. I fear more people will become infected as people start to ignore Governmrent advice on selfl isolation and social distancing.

      This virus affects young and old alike. If you do not need to be out as per Government guide lines then please stay at home. Keep safe everyone.

    • Traffic volumes are definitely picking up. My road is a ‘rat run’ and I have noticed more cars this week. Today is a bright, sunny day and a lot of people are just going to ignore the stay put advice.

      I am coming to the end of my food stock and will be driving to the supermarket tomorrow and hope that I can find enough for the coming week.

      • Shops are well stocked and the queueing systems they have in place are working well

        • Not in my experience. There is no fluor on the shelves and where has all the washing up liquid gone?

          The queue for Sainsbury’s Charlton goes along Busby Way and around the corner. Having stood in that queue for goodness knows how long, it must be disheartening to find that what you need is not on the shelf. The adjacent M&S haven’t had any queues so far, but they are expensive for someone like me on a very small income. I have completely given up on Tesco’s and only Lidl is still an option.

    • It’s the weekend and for a lot of people it’s the only opportunity to get food
      Obviously we are going to get the stupid doing what they do best

    • I agree with both and the last person is not a problem it’s the queues waiting to get into the supermarkets watches why do you need to take your car for long distance driving or even be out for more than you require I look after a wonderful person so I have to go to her house every day but I don’t take a car I don’t use the bus I’ll walk the 9 miles and back each day that’s my form of exercise I do her shopping as well as my own a limit to how many people anywhere near me one time I’m getting bored I’ve been stuck at home but it doesn’t mean I want to go and sit in the park and help spread the disease I’d rather be at work is being useful than sitting at home doing nothing the hour and half exercise I get each way is more than enough I’m not looking after her I don’t go out that much just short walk for exercise

    • There is more traffic on the roads and more people out and about clearly ignoring social distancing rules while they enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

      I fear if we come out of lockdown to soon and start gathering in groups at the pub restaurant etc. Then this nasty virus will start to spread rapidly again amongst local communities.

      I think there will need to be staged process as we come out of lockdown with pubs and restuarants for example opening a few weeks after the last cases of coronavirus have been recorded.

    • Today I managed to get everything I will need for the coming week. I was pleasantly surprised at being able to get into my local Tesco’s without having to stand in an everlasting queue. Generally, the supermarkets seem less busy during the week and maybe a lot of people are still working, which would account for the weekend crush.


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