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Go-Ahead in final talks with Government about Southeastern extension

Transport group Go-Ahead revealed they are in final discussions with the Government on yet another short term extension to the Southeastern franchise.

The news is not entirely unexpected and included in half-year results out today. Go-Ahead are the major shareholder in GoVia who operate Southeastern, Southern and Thameslink.

30-year old networker trains often tatty due to little long term investment

There was almost no news whatsoever on rail investment in yesterday’s budget. Any new trains, new sidings or infrastructure investment is dependant on Government decisions.

The company are taking a battering today on the stock market with shares down 21 per cent. Any negotiation with Government on an extension will see predictions for income and passenger numbers extremely hard to predict given coronavirus. Ever more people are being told to work from home – and a future quarantine will decimate passenger numbers in the short to mid term.



  1. Chris L

    I imagine it will be a management contract where they paid their costs plus a small margin. All revenue goes to the government.

    They may get some more recent trains from South Western.

  2. Graham

    I do think the trains on South Eastern do need to be refurbished, But hopefull they will get new rolling stock introduced as Chris L mentioned.

  3. Gerry

    Whatever happened to TfL’s plans for Metroisation?

  4. Michael Bowles

    Keeping in mind the network and area it covers South Eastern do a pretty good job running services its a busy network!! What with weather, track problems and vandalism etc virtually a daily basis!!! Trains we got currently give good service reliable and more comfortable that current new trains like the Thameslink 700s good trains let down by appalling uncomfortable seats and doors remain open far too long so cold trains, air conditioning keeps train cold in winter and blows cold air out!!! When air needs to be warm!!!!!, most new rolling stock delivered around UK right now is let down by uncomfortable seats in them!!!! By far the biggest complaint!! As a commuter myself I have no real complaints about South Eastern the have got Me to my destination one way or another be it by train, taxi, bus etc!!!!

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