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Road closed as “child hit by bus” near Woolwich Tesco

Looking down Woolwich New Road towards tesco

Police have sealed off an area of Woolwich town centre after a collision.

It’s believed a child was hit by a bus near Tesco and General Gordon Square.



  1. Karen Durrant

    6 or 7 year old child

  2. Graham

    I hope the is child is ok? Do we have any further uodates on this?

  3. L

    I was there when it happened and called the ambulance. I spoke to the police later that day and believe the boy is ok and so is the bus driver. It was quite distressing but it wasn’t the driver’s fault and most importantly I think everyone’s ok.

  4. Graham

    Thank you L that is good news. I am pleased both the child and bus driver are both ok. I am wish them both well for the future.

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