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Belvedere, Blackheath

Lloyds Bank announces south east London closures

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Lloyds bank have today announced the closure of branches in Blackheath and Belvedere.

They are part of 56 branches to close this coming year according to the company.

The closures will occur between April and October.

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  1. CDT

    This is not good news for the many people who struggle to use on line services or cannot afford the internet. Including pensioners and people with disabities where using a computer or keyboard can prove difficult for them.

    Calling a Contact Centre can also prove to be difficult for some people.

    We need banks to have a presence in the community where people can go for face to face help and advice.

    With so much on line fraud and telephine scams more and more people are sceptical about signing up to on line services.

    I also feel very sorry for the staff who will loose their jobs and livelihoods.

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