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Further strikes announced for Woolwich Ferry

Work on site in 2019

Workers on the Woolwich Ferry are to stage two more strike days on Friday 28th February and Friday 13th March.

The action is being taken against Briggs Marine Contractors Ltd who operate on behalf of TfL. According to the unite Union: “The latest dispute centres on the failure to pay the London living wage (currently £10.75 an hour) on basic pay; the imposition of changes to overtime and shift working; failure to adhere to the agreed job evaluation scheme; and failure to deal with equality issues.”

Old ferries have been replaced

There were 10 days of action last summer and another in December 2019.

The ferry has been beset with problems since the introduction of two new vessels which replaced three ships.


  1. Frank David Hopwood

    They haven’t “sort-id” the industrial relations issues on this ferry service in over 35 years, since I first lived in SE18, as a student ‘fresher’ in the mid 80s!! I don’t know if the foot tunnel still exists, but back then, it was an interesting piece of the industrial history of London’s historic docks!! It was a bit ‘eerie’ down there the first time , but like everything, I got used to it!! A female geography student came to stay with me one weekend, and the crossing and view of the old docks – pre-yuppiedom at North Woolwich was the highlight of her weekend with me,mixed with a bit of gone forever, industrial archaeology!!

  2. francis

    Their service has ironically been rubbish since the new vessels were introduced
    .half the time there is no service anyway.

  3. Bipin

    TfL takes control of Woolwich Ferry after ‘unacceptable’ delays though not until, I believe, till the year end.

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