Car ploughs into lamp post in Woolwich town centre – buses diverted

A car has ploughed into a lamp post in Woolwich town centre near the covered market causing buses to be blocked from heading to General Gordon Square heading from Woolwich New Road and Plumstead.

The car hit with some force and witnesses report the driver running off.

Column being checked

According to TfL, these routes are on diversion:

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4 thoughts on “Car ploughs into lamp post in Woolwich town centre – buses diverted

  • Thankfully no one was seriously hurt being at a busy time of the day on a busy junction in Woolwich Town Centre.

  • So it seems like the vehicle was stolen if the driver ran off!

    I’m not surprised!
    My dad got a little bump from behind near Woolwich New Road over a month ago.
    My dad got out of the car and told the driver who hit him to pull over somewhere safe as they were blocking traffic.
    My dad turned right but the other driver turned left and drove off to escape.
    Luckily my dad took a picture of the car involve (with licence number) and a very clear picture of the driver which he reported and submitted to the police.
    Turns out the car was on false plate and my dad received a letter saying there was insufficient evidence to take it any further despite having a crystal clear picture of the lady!!!!

    Absolutely drives me mad! The police need to tackle the ‘low level’ crime otherwise they feel emboldened to do it again and again as they know the police won’t bother!

  • Also I was in M&S Lewisham on Sunday and their was a shoplifter who was blatantly stealing and when confronted by staff he just walked out of the store without a fuss!!!!

    They know the staff can’t touch them and nothing will come come of it from the police!!!

  • I totally agree.with you HK. Low level crime as to be tackled by the Police and the culprits taken to court. Otherwise your right they will do it again and again with out any respect for others.

    If a car as false numbers plates then it is obvious that the car as been stolen and possibly re-sold on.

    However, if the driver drove off in a different direction to your dad. Then I would guess the driver knows it is stolen and possibly used in a crime of some sort, .Or that the driver is uninsured and or possibly does not have a licence or driving unaccompanied on a provisional driving licence which is illegal so should have been investigated by the Police.


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