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Housing block planned at Woolwich Baptist Church site

There was a consultation event recently covering plans to build a large housing block at the site of Woolwich Baptist Church. The site is adjacent to the rebuilding of the former Connaught estate. A replacement church will be built.

The website describes what is planned:

  • Paragon Housing Association will manage 29 affordable rented homes in the scheme;
  • The Hyelm Group, a London-based charity focused on providing low-cost housing for young people, will provide 68 properties at a sub-market rent. 
  • Two homes will also be managed by the Baptist Church as key worker accommodation

It’s good to see more affordable housing, especially for younger people, though the choice of of a Maserati or Jaguar parked outside in this render is amusing.

The rebuild of Woolwich’s Connaught estate is part of the “One Woolwich” scheme which will see three estates demolished and 1,600 new homes built, and was covered here.

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  1. Not a fan of another high rise in the area ( it is already dense by the current one under construction and the coming Tesco second phase ). Hopefully it doesn’t complete block the sun in the afternoon.

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