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Six arrested after Eltham robberies

Eltham GPO

Police have arrested two people after robberies in recent days at Passey Place on Eltham High Street and McDonalds at Yorkshire Grey roundabout.

Passey Place

There appears to have been a number of robberies recently around the area. Just yesterday I saw the aftermath of an event on Eltham High Street with police arriving which was later reported to be an apparent robbery.

Police are seeking help from those who may have seen anything. If you did, call 101 and quote CAD 5025 23 JAN20

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  1. Graham

    Areas around Eltham and Eltham High Street as seen an increase in crime and anti social behaviour of late some of incidents have involved children of secondary school age.

    Incidents have reported going back to as far as last summer so have now been going on for sometime in the area.

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