Car hits three pedestrians near Stratford shopping centre

Three people were injured this morning after a car hit pedestrians at the busy crossing outside Stratford shopping centre near the station.

The incident occurred just before 9am. A woman and two men were injured. The woman suffered a head injury and two men suffered minor injuries.

The police stated: “Police were called at 8.49am on Saturday, December 14 to reports of a road traffic collision in Great Eastern Road.

Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended and found a car in collision with three pedestrians.”

No injuries are life-threatening and foul play is not suspected. Traffic lights at the extremely bus crossing to the shopping centre were impacted by the collision.

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    3 thoughts on “Car hits three pedestrians near Stratford shopping centre

    • OMG hope all the victims make a full recovery in time for Christmas. The driver must also be in a state of shock so hope he/she are okay too,

    • The re-design of this crossing with a two way cycle lane and a two way road was an accident waiting to happen and so it was.

      • If you’ve not seen the crossing imagine a gap in the road roughly three times the width of a standard crossing. Because the left side has a sparsely-used cycle lane cutting between the road and pavement, the fifty odd pedestrians edge out into the lane to stand at that marker rather than the pavement.

        There is no black and white marking but a green yellow jigsaw completely covering the crossing. The yellow countdown lights are the main indicator that it’s a crossing, not the floor markings. Just behind each pavement are several rectangular steel columns set at waist height, slowing down the crossing as people try to evade both the boxes and each other. The Evening Standard has a cart right in between the columns and the crossing.

        Lastly it’s at the nexus of a bus station, railway interchange, shopping centre, taxi drop-off and Stansted coach pick up. All within a few yards. This doesn’t include the Uber drivers who slow down right next to the crossing to drop off their fares or the odd cyclist using that stretch.

        The people who just dart out to try their luck or walk across while on their smartphone are universal


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