Superdrug to open in Charlton at former Maplin site

Superdrug have applied to open a shop at the former Maplin site in Charlton’s Millennium Retail Park.

Maplin collapsed in 2018 owing £217 million.

When a store moves to out-of-town style retail park it often means High Street branches closing. However, any threat of Woolwich’s Superdrug closing appear off the table as a recent planning application was submitted to renovate the Woolwich branch.

Courtesy @bradley_090. Work on new Lidl at former River Island site

Further along from Superdrug work is underway on a new Lidl which will open at the former River Island site.

New Metro Bank building in Charlton (click to enlarge)

Other planned changes in the area include a drive-thru Metro Bank opening on the site of McDonalds.

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    9 thoughts on “Superdrug to open in Charlton at former Maplin site

    • What’s the percentage in opening next door to Boots? I’m assuming by the use of pink and black decor they’re aiming for a younger crowd but wouldn’t they begin to cannibalise one another’s shared market? Genuinely curious about that

    • The local potential customer base is growing. In the main pic you can just about see the flats at Victoria Way in the background. That’s about 300 homes. Valley House is about 60 round the corner. Couple of hundred at GMV right now heading to completion. In 5-10 years they’ll also be many thousands at other sites nearby

      • The answer was right in front of me!

    • Excellent news I believe there will be enough footfall for both Superdrug’s and Boots to continue to do well. With so much development under way and planned in and around Charlton and on the nearby Greenwich Peninsula there will be thousands and thousands of new homes and customers shopping at the retail parks.

      I am also looking forward to Lidl’s returning to Charlton early next year. The old Lidl store on the site where Wick’s now stands was very popular at the time.

    • Charlton’s Millennium Retail Park does need entry/exit layout updated. On weekend it might take 30 min or so to get out of it with people just ignoring road signage and directions. Also exit to Woolwich Road perhaps just behind Asda and near Screwfix might ease the traffic a bit.

      • If you want to avoid getting snarled up in traffic, get there early. However, I do agree that there should be a right turn onto Woolwich Road for those heading back to Greenwich and beyond.

      • Just park at ASDA and exit through the McDonalds exit even if you are headed east its much faster after a U-turn at the roundabout.

    • I agree VK it can be a nightmare at times trying to get out of the Charlton Retail Park car park. Updating the entry/exit would improve the situation. I also like the idea of being able to exit on to Woolwich Road. As with Lidl coming early next year this car park is set to get even busier.

    • Don’t drive to the retail park and you won’t get stuck in a car there.

      It’s not the best walk, but did you know air pollution is often worse inside a car than outside of it? In fact it can be 9x-12x worse inside the car than outside of it!

      So do everyone including yourself a favour and get the bus.


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