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New co-op supermarket opens in Greenwich

Residents living on Greenwich Peninsula finally have more choice of local supermarkets they’ve long asked for after co-op opened today on Chandlers Avenue.

New homes on Greenwich Peninsula

For an area with so many homes the area around Greenwich Millennium Village and homes to the north have lacked much choice. It was often a pretty unpleasant walk (or drive) down to Bugsby’s Way.

Peninsula streetscene near Bugsby’s Way

The new store is open until 11pm each night. It’s the second to open in Greenwich in recent years after Banning Street near other new builds. A Sainsbury’s is also heading to that area.

It’s somewhat surprising it’s taken so long for more supermarkets to open on the Peninsula. Tesco Express on a heaving gig night wasn’t a great prospect.

Revised masterplan

Curiously though, the future master plan for thousands more homes also lacks much in the way of commercial space for local supermarkets to cater for 15,000 more homes – and recent revisions reduced planned space for shops.

Courtesy @bradley_090. Work on New Lidl at former River Island site

Over in Charlton and work on a new Lidl at Bugsbys Way is also well underway.


  1. CDT

    This is excellent news for residents as shops and in particular supermarkets are a bit sparse on the Greenwich Peninsula for the amount of homes that have been built or are currently under construction.

    Getting from here to the main shops (Asda, Sainsburys etc) on Bugsby Way is not the easiest of journeys if walking with busy roads and junctions to cross. The public realm sadly has been neglected and his not that pleasant or well maintained around the junction and roundabout with Busby Way and Pear Tree Way near IKEA.

    Some areas on the Greenwich Peninsula have no direct bus route to the retail parks on Bugsby Way.

  2. Graham

    I totally agree with you CDT.

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