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Mothercare enters administration

Bus lane ending on Bugsbys Way.

Mothercare has entered administration this morning.

The baby and child store has struggled for some time closing stores in places such as Bromley and Bexleyheath.

Remaining stores such as Charlton are now under threat as management state existing stores are not profitable enough to sustain trading.


  1. Charles Calthrop

    Lots of hand-wringing from landlords and councils, who have driven so many small and large businesses alike into submission. Business rates and rent for anything from a small store to one of the large warehouse style units all pushes up the cost of the final piece.

    While many complain that ‘Store X’ is costly and outdated, they fail to reconcile the act of buying with abandon from Amazon with the slow collapse of a corner of our society. For many, the simple act of going shopping is all the human interaction they can get. Sometimes it’s enough to see other people and be a part of society rather than in isolation. And nobody questions why loneliness is endemic among the young and the old.

  2. CDT

    Totally agree with you Charles. More people need to get out of the armchair and in to the shops when they are fit and able to do so. People now days even have their breakfast delivered.

    So many people choose to live in isolation which is a real shame. Also agree high rents and business rates are forcing a lot of shops and businesses to close. I would like to see more help for small and large businesses to help safeguard peoples jobs and create new jobs where possible.

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