Charlton pub refurbishment approved

Plans to refurbish the Pickwick pub in Charlton have been approved.

The application sought to refurbish the pub while adding a small extension including an aparthotel and office space.

The Pickwick in Charlton

The pub has long had a B&B above.

Renders look pretty smart with the pub’s somewhat tired red exterior becoming a deep green and the refurbished building next door looks excellent.

Much to like. New pub and buildings to right

Windows partially covered will be fully opened up.

The News Shopper have covered it stating it’s in Greenwich (it’s not) and amplified the voices of opponents with various complaints such as it being a “monstrosity”.

Courtesy Google

Some also complain about a pub having a beer garden. Perish the thought!

And as the above image shows, it was just a bit of tarmac for parking. If a new pub is to succeed, a nice outdoor space will greatly help both its viability and the quality of this area’s streetscape.

Ugly retail sheds over the road

The is Woolwich Road after all. It’s not exactly great right now. This will elevate the area.

Greenwich councillor’s on the planning board unanimously agreed the plan. Hopefully we’ll now see a smart new pub, new jobs, better use of space out front for people to enjoy and an attractive building built nearby.

To allay concerns of it becoming an HMO, the council report states: “To prevent the site being utilised for long term housing an occupation limit of 90 days for residents is proposed to be placed on the consent.”

Proximity to the o2 and Greenwich is likely to ensure decent demand for short term stays.




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One thought on “Charlton pub refurbishment approved

  • That’s excellent news! That bit of Woolwich road really isn’t pretty so this will bring a bit of niceness to that area! Hopefully they will also sweep the road one day to get rid of all the sand, dust and rubbish that’s been building up over the years.


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