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Crime, Sidcup

Bexley borough pursuit ends with two arrests after police vehicle rammed

The chase continued along Blackfen Road

A police helicopter was used to help detain two men this afternoon after a stolen car rammed a police vehicle in Sidcup.

If you’re nosy this is what the helicopter above was doing. I was in nearby Avery Hill park and confess I wondered was was going on.

In the early afternoon a call came in to police after a stolen Range Rover was seen. When police arrived the 4×4 rammed a vehicle as suspects attempted to escape and the helicopter was brought in.

The men were eventually arrested on Norfolk Crescent after a pursuit along Blackfen Road. Both men are still in custody.


  1. Charles Calthrop

    Outside Stratford yesterday one moron refused to cross the road any faster while glued to smartphone and earbuds. The police vehicle with full sirens and lights, tried helplessly to get past milling crowds (the Uber driver deposited his passenger right in front of the police car) and I estimate around 25 seconds for the police to cross the 20metre stretch in front of the shopping centre. The lack of respect the public have for the police is incredible – no wonder even minor criminals have no hesitation in having a go at them.

    • Gina

      Stratford – the worst area in London and thanks for confirming it again. Terrible place to be, and why I never be there

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