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Police appeal after Eltham town centre assault

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man was attacked in the centre of Eltham.

The incident occurred in busy Passey Place on 20th July at around 5pm near bus stops, shops and pubs. Many people witnessed the assault which caused a head injury to the victim.

It is believed some recorded on phones.

A Met Police spokesperson said:

“It is understood that crowds gathered around the man at the time of the assault and we are appealing for those with any mobile footage to come forward.”

Anyone with information can contact DC Sam Sharratt by calling 07776675063 and quoting crime reference number 3617503/19.

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  1. Graham

    I hope the culprit or culprits are found quickly. We need to help the Police to stop these incidients from happening. What is happening in Eltham these days ?? We never used to have the incidents like we have seen over the last few months happen in Eltham.

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