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Armed robbery of Eltham co-op

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Last night was a busy one for police in Eltham after an armed robbery occurred at a branch of the co-op on Westhorne Avenue.

Armed robbers entered the store demanding cash last night. It is not believed to be related to what appeared to be a major pre-planned operation featuring numerous armed and undercover police down the road in New Eltham as the robbery occurred after that operation according to some witnesses.

Numerous armed response vehicles were seen in New Eltham

There was also issues on the High Street in Eltham with items being thrown at pedestrians from shop rooftops.

Police found two 12-year old boys on roofs and found a screwdriver on one.


  1. Jack

    Those aren’t armed response vehicles… they are just police vehicles…

    • Comment by post author


      The BMW X5s are armed police. There were numerous, both marked and unmarked with officers equipped with semi automatic rifles. Of course there were other vehicles but also a very high number of armed units

  2. Graham

    Your right Murky. A report of an armed robbery does need an armed response. along side other Police Officers. I hope the staff at the CO-OP are all okay. How awful for them all.

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