Mass brawl in New Eltham

A mass brawl broke out this afternoon in New Eltham with fights, glass thrown and attacks with wooden poles.

A large number of people appeared to be involved with blood seen as fighting spilled across the entire street in a spot near the co-op and Beehive pub. Multiple glasses were thrown with some believed to have hit a Chinese restaurant.

According to information sent to me the fighting continued for some time with Footscray Road blocked as groups fought in the street and the pub locked its doors to keep people out.

I’m waiting to hear back on further details. It’s unknown if there were any serious injuries though violence was widespread. Unconfirmed reports state someone was knocked down and then attacked on the floor.

According to a witness: “I’ve seen a lot of brawls in my time but this violence was particularly nasty. A couple of people were bleeding and some of the attacks were cowardly”.

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5 thoughts on “Mass brawl in New Eltham

  • Most attacks are very cowardly with several people picking on just one person.(They just not brave enough to fight one on one). To me it seems a lot of people just cannot hold their alcohol and this combined with the heat then we end up with incidents like the incident in New Eltham. I hope the victims that were injured make a full and speedy recovery.

    I also hope the culprits who started the fight are identified and charged by the Police accordingly, Especially those who was attacking the victim while they was on the ground. As this is a particular cowardly act.

    I really hope we do see a repeat of this kind behaviour and violence again. Innocent passerby must have been terrified a lot of elderly people use the nearby CO-OP. for their shopping.

  • Sorry typo meant to say “I really hope we do not see a repeat of this kind of behavior again”

  • Agree with you Graham. Sometimes if using a smartphone predictive text sometimes puts words in before we have realised,However, we all knew what you meant .

  • This was a seriously violent incident with weapons (wooden poles and glasses) used during the brawl. Just makes me wonder why people act like this?. Possibly may have been fuelled by alcohol and or drugs as both of these can make people really aggressive.

  • I watched and filmed the whole thing. Looked like one of the gangs, the white shirt and black shorts, were particularly coward and mostly throwing glasses like a bunch of sissies. If you wanna brawl atleast use your fists you cowards. Most of them weren’t even drunk, by the way. If you would try to behave like this in Eastern Europe the police would make sure to make you remember not to behave like a monkey. Disgusting to say the least.


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