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Woolwich town centre dispersal power introduced

Directly employed wardens seen in Woolwich. Now gone

Police have initiated a Section 35 notice for Woolwich town centre allowing greater powers to move people on and congregating in the area.

The notice follows a reported altercation in the town centre yesterday with a number of people either involved or watching. There’s various accounts but the incident appears serious enough to warrant steps to prevent a repeat.

This differs from a Section 60 which allows greater powers of stop and search.




  1. Charles Calthrop

    Watching is the primary past-time of the smartphone classes. A few cellphone jammers switched on ‘as-and-when’ will make them scuttle away home or anywhere with free WiFi rather than hang around in the hope of filming some random punch-up

  2. David

    Strange how this happens often on a Wednesday afternoon/evening when large amounts of high school students congregate. Not sure this was the cause but you can feel the pending violence in the air. Usually not a policeman to be seen, just a few disinterested council security personnel feverishly writing in their little pads. “Walked here, walked there, came back…”. Box ticked.

  3. Mohammed

    Police are doing nothing I am really scared when I walk in the town with my children.
    Police in this country are just looking to fine drivers it’s just to takes your money because if they don’t do it they won’t be payed

  4. Graham

    The section 35 notice is very much needed in and around Woolwich Town Centre where large groups of youths and some groups of older people are congregating. The section 35 notice should also be extended to apply to the area around Parry Place and Beresford the shops and covered market,

  5. anonymous201486

    How very different from Blackheath Village where there is a permanent police presence near the train station.


    Not even Rentokil gets rid of vermin in the first instance. It usually takes a few attempts before the rats have been eradicated!
    Met Police, please continue the good work.

    If there are any more laws/statutes that can be used……….. USE THEM!

    We ALL need to feel safe in what is essentially OUR area.

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