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Police appeal after serious sexual assault in Greenwich

Courtesy Google. Bridge near Odeon.

Police have launched an appeal after a serious sexual assault occurred near the footbridge leading from Ikea and Odeon to east Greenwich.

The incident occurred between 2:00am to 2:30am on Sunday 2nd June when a man on a bicycle followed a woman over the bridge towards Tunnel Avenue. The assault occurred on the bridge’s footpath.

Bridge path seen from Tunnel Avenue

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting 3613000/19



  1. John

    The bridge and lane leading up to it is pretty horrible to go down. There are no cameras.
    It needs cameras.

    This will be the daily walk for some Children attending the schools on the Peninsula. And parents. I fear for their safety. Looks like I had reason to after reading this.

  2. Graham

    Completely agree with you John. The area needs CCTV and bright street lighting,

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