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New flats at Greenwich Social Club site revealed

A fair number of in-fill blocks of flats have been springing up around Greenwich lately including a block at a social club site as seen above. 18 flats are included.

The new flats have been built to bring revenue in to keep the social club going for the benefit of local people. A good idea.

On the other side of the junction is a block which completed last year at the former Cycle Warehouse shop site. A coffee shop has taken residence on the ground floor and seems very popular whenever I’m passing. That corner treatment screams “value engineering” though.

Looking towards new block

Over in west Greenwich and another small block can be seen to the left of Greenwich Community Arts Centre:

Greenwich High Road

And heading back east now towards Charlton and yet another block on the former site of Wing Wah Buffet has recently been revealed:

For those of you who forgot how it appeared, here’s an image:

Courtesy Google

It’s a shame to see a characterful building knocked down for a negligible increase in flats.


  1. Stan

    That Blackwall Lane junction looks so much better than it used to. I wish they’d get rid of the railings though.

  2. Greenwich Park Fan

    One of those buildings is going to be a co-working space.

    Seems like an odd place to have one in such a residential area?

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