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New blocks at former Greenwich Hospital site: Completion imminent

The final blocks to be built at the former site of Greenwich District Hospital are almost complete with residents expected to move in from spring/summer this year.

The site feels right at home with excessive clutter on pavements. Why have one item of street furniture when three will do?

Good work

Residents moving in should provide a boost to Greenwich Leisure Centre which has struggled in recent times. The centre is located within the first stage of this development. Those buildings had flammable cladding panels which are only now being removed.

Cladding removal

The new blocks follow on from stage 1 in adopting a pretty drab, grey colour palette.

New blocks on right – recladding on left. Grey is the theme

New blocks surround a courtyard providing space for residents in 325 flats. On the exterior, grey cladding is broken up by brown brick:

Facing Vanbrugh Hill

There’s also a green wall on part of the frontage:

Green wall

Ironically these new flats will add to pressures at the hospital which replaced that on this site until 2001 in Woolwich. It’s had a number of “code black” incidents over the winter.

Greenwich Square in February 2020

Since the hospital closed London’s population has risen by two million. Greenwich’s looks like this from 2011 to 2016:

Greenwich population increases

It’s far from the only development completing in coming months. As I covered yesterday, so is the final block at River Gardens beside the Thames.


  1. Greenwich Park Fan

    I think this looks a lot nicer than the block in front, which dated very quickly to my eyes.

  2. You won’t have to wait long until these new blocks start showing wear and tear.

  3. Mad in mad world

    Why put the green wall there and not by the polluted road side ? I heard a row of perfectly healthy mature trees were cut down for parking spaces.

  4. Ian

    Is it just me, but I think these cheaply constructed and almost modular ‘units’ will be the slums of the future.

    Good luck to residents in 2040.

    • HK

      You are not the only one who thinks this!!

      • Mike

        “Since the hospital closed London’s population has risen by two million.”

        I think that’s actually England’s population increase, based on the table you provided.

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