Police discover assault rifle during Peckham vehicle search

The Met Police have revealed that a vehicle stop in Peckham yesterday afternoon resulted in an assault rifle being discovered and a taser used to arrest one man.

Two males aged 50 and 77 were arrested at the scene and taken to a south London police station where they remain in custody.
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According to police:

“At about 17:00hrs on Thursday 7 March, officers from the Trident and Area Crime Command and armed response vehicles stopped two vehicles in Peckham, south London. 

Officers recovered an Armi Jaegar AP80 .22 rifle with a loaded magazine from the boot of one of the vehicles. This is believed to be a fully automatic assault rifle.

Two males, aged [A] 50 and [B] 77, were arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life.

The 50-year-old resisted arrest; a taser was deployed and discharged by armed officers. He was treated for minor injuries in hospital and has since been released and taken into custody.

[B] also remains in custody at a local police station.
Detective Chief Inpsector James Harper of the Trident and Area Crime Command, said: “I have no doubt that removing this weapon from circulation has prevented death or serious injury. Trident officers will continue to work tirelessly to disrupt and detect such criminality.”

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9 thoughts on “Police discover assault rifle during Peckham vehicle search

  • Pedantic I know, but it’s not an assault rifle. It’s a non-automatic rimfire .22 plinker/small game rifle that mimics a replica old style AK in appearance. You could kill a rabbit with it, but not much else.

  • Being a bit pedantic, it’s not an assault or military rifle. It’s a .22 rimfire plinker and not automatic. At a push you could kill a rabbit with it.
    It’s just made to mimic the look of old style AK-47s.
    It’s the kind of gun that children shoot in the US.

    • .The .22 is a caliber used Quite often by the Mafia in New York . High Velocity . 22 s fired from any type of weapon are lethal make no mistake about that .

  • I too thought the AK22M was a semi not full auto, so if someone has taken the time to convert that old rifle it may have been involved in a number of incidents. 22.cal or not, I’m glad the wretched thing is off the streets

  • Agree with you Charles. Also men of that age should know better they are a bad influence on younger people in society. Well done to the Trident and Area Crime Command for recovering this weapon and taking it of the streets.of London. Keep up the stop and search and carry on with your excellent work,

  • Looking at the size of barrel it looks like .22 smooth. 22 shot shell shotgun still capable of fireing. 22 bullets not very accurate though

  • If you think a .22lr is a toy for children then maybe you’d like stand in front of me while I take a few shots at your head .
    Sure bigger rounds do more damage but when you’re dead you’re dead whether its 7.62 or .22 .
    .22lr is more than capable of causing a fatal injury even a long ranges of hundreds of yards .
    Hitting your target at 500 yards is another matter

  • If it was as much full auto as it is “assault rifle” then congrats….
    Sure if they weren’t licensed to have one is better in police custody, but i would love to read the news about tackling knife crime instead..


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