Deathmasking in Deptford: towers above a Victorian shell

Deathmasking in Deptford: towers above a Victorian shell

A few weeks ago this site looked at plans to deathmask a Victorian building in Deptford and build a tower behind and above a retained shell.

Base of tower

145 flats would be included in the 29-storey tower.

Courtesy Google. Current Scott House

For those unaware, death-masking is retaining the facade of a building whilst completely gutting the inside with a new build inserted within the frame. Often the new build is the same height so it’s hard to tell externally. And sometimes it’s hard to miss – as with this plan.

Courtesy @TLynskey

Greenwich architectural practice bptw, based on Norman Road, are the architects (as with many other schemes in Greenwich and Deptford) along with AHMM.

Courtesy Google. Scott House in red surrounded by Timberyard site. Convoys Wharf site at bottom right

This block is beside a vast development known as Timber Yard. The first stage has long been visible rising above hoardings on Grove Street and when complete, the full development will include over 1,100 homes.

Timberyard tower

And a short hop away is Convoys Wharf which will contain 3,500 homes. The first stage of that development has been submitted.

Buxton group are behind the tower plan at Scott House.



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