Cameras installed to enforce Rotherhithe Tunnel restrictions – £130 fine if ignored

Back in September 2018 emergency restrictions were introduced at Rotherhithe Tunnel. This was due to tests showing ventilation systems would struggle to cope in the event of a fire.

No vehicle over two metres or two tonnes was permitted to use the tunnel. Staff manually checked vehicles for some time.

Last week the tunnel closed for a number of days for more emergency work. It is now revealed that cameras will be used to monitor vehicles with fines for those contravening rules – though how they can tell weight or accurate height is a mystery.

Drivers who ignored restrictions will face a £130 fine and are being advised to head to either Tower bridge or the Blackwall Tunnel.


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9 thoughts on “Cameras installed to enforce Rotherhithe Tunnel restrictions – £130 fine if ignored

  • I suspect the system just looks up the details of the vehicle at DVLA / DVSA rather than making its own approximation of the height and weight.

  • That makes perfect sense. I’m a spud!

  • If there’s a bloody great bang as you enter the tunnel then your vehicle is too high. Simples.

  • According to TfL, “In September 2018 we did a detailed analysis of the ventilation system which would extract smoke and other dangerous fumes from the tunnel in case of a fire.

    This analysis shows that repair work needs to be carried out urgently.”

    So rather than carry out those urgent works the tunnel will be left as is for a long while and another income generator comes into force…

  • Yes it’s extortion, just another excuse for grabbing more money from decent hard working people, got done twice already new nothing about weight limit, no signs up and how could weight have anything to do with air pollution?
    Same as congestion Charge, air pollution bad for our kids, but you can “PAY” to come in and pollute them ?

  • It says on there website its for safety reasons and putting people at risk then why don’t they stop vans from going through it knowing that peoples lives are at risk. They just want our money what a scam 600 vans a day thats £78,000 a day they are making.

  • I’m under there restrictions and have still fined me not paying I work on weighbridge van weighs 1480 nowhere near there 2t restriction absolute disgrace

    • It’s based on the fact that if your van is capable of carrying over 2 tonnes gross then you’re nicked
      Got done twice with small transit connect van carrying bag of tools and small fibre glass pair of steps.
      Out and out con, we all know it but they can do whatever they like as long as it grabs more money for their pockets that’s all that matters.


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