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Consultation on moving Woolwich’s Waterfront leisure centre

Woolwich Waterfront

Greenwich Council have launched a consultation on a forthcoming new leisure centre in Woolwich town centre.

They’ve long planned to sell riverside land where the existing Waterfront sits and move facilities to General Gordon Square.

The consultation is a bit of a non-event really in terms of asking what people want as most is obvious – a pool, gym, sauna etc and I’m sure most people will tick every box.

I’d wager what most want  is replicating what already exists, unlike at other sites when facilities have moved such as Greenwich.

More interesting information – such as whether the new development should also include shops and housing as part of a mixed use development – is absent.

This will be a good test of how the authority wants to deal with the housing shortage. Will it finally use Meridian Home Start and direct building to a great degree – possibly cross-subsidised with some market sales rather than sell to a developer who will retain a 20% profit margin?

Click here to see the consultation.


  1. simon quicke

    Wonder how long it will be left after it moves just sitting there doing nothing like the Arches.

    • Kevin Sweeney

      Also the warehouse site in Plumstead left to rot. Both sites closed for smaller facilities to replace them. Along with Eltham all bunched together with libraries so numbers can be gerrymandered to look good.

  2. Hughy

    I love that question “6. How important do you think it is that the new leisure centre has the following facilities?” has “changing rooms” as something to rate on the sale of unimportant to important!! I guess I shall be walking from home in my swimmers then!

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