Objection to Woolwich bar’s late opening after “disorder and violence”

A Woolwich bar and restaurant’s proposal to open until 3am  has seen police launch an objection.

Police state disorder and violence occurred around the venue last month on Spray Street after an event carried on past official closing, and the owner of Tamar’s failed to provide CCTV.

Tamars on right opened in 2021

Police state upon visiting the premises they were met with someone who could not operate the CCTV, and have still not received it. Working CCTV is a condition of the license.

Greenwich Council CCTV did observe breaches to the licence outside the venue.

UPDATE: A document from the Designated Premises Supervisor is now online refuting some claims. In addition a follow up from police is also included.

A council licensing meeting on Wednesday 24 August is set to decide on the application for a further late night event at the end of this week using a Temporary Event Notice.

Temporary Event Notices permit later opening for a set number of nights per year.



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    4 thoughts on “Objection to Woolwich bar’s late opening after “disorder and violence”

    • I agree with the Police and will object myself as a Woolwich resident. There is no need for pubs to open to 3 am in the morning in Woolwich due to anti social behaviour and noise. The pub has has already had previous fights and anti social behaviour which the landlord and staff failed to pass on CCTV to the Police which is not good by any means and I am sure will be taken in to account when considering the application to open later.

    • It was much better as a Chinese!

    • I’m actually all for getting something purpose built and open late-night, but a place would have to be pretty special to have a 3am license in the neighborhood. A plan for disturbances, security and sound insulation for example, and ideally a few years getting its feet wet earning trust in the community. No way this place has earned it based on what’s been highlighted.

    • I’d like to see places open late.

      Then again they havn’t helped themselves doing things in full view of cameras and not providing cctv. Make it harder for decent business to do it as opponents seize on this.


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