Warning signs of Ikea traffic appear in Greenwich

Electronic signs have appeared in Greenwich alerting drivers to Ikea’s opening on 7th February.

The signs highlight the opening day (a nice bit of free advertising?) and then make a tacit admission of traffic issues by asking drivers to consider taking public transport.

We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, the bus lanes are often blocked by poorly parked cars in this area – if they even exist. Pedestrian links from Westcombe Park station are poor.

Ironically one of the signs has been placed on the site of a planned “pocket park” beside the junction opposite the Greenwich Centre.

It’s yet more clutter on one of the ugliest and most cluttered junctions not only in the borough but across London.

Consultation into the mini-park was full of people praising the scheme but wondering how many would actually use it given its proximity to heavy traffic and location beside a junction.

Early 2018

Like many schemes planned since Ikea was approved, the pocket park appears great in isolation but when taking a step back appears to be a plaster placed over a far bigger wound.

The same could be said of forthcoming Silvertown tunnel and Greenwich town centre work – as the tunnel will feed more traffic into the heart of the World Heritage Site heading to Rotherhithe tunnel which remains free.


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10 thoughts on “Warning signs of Ikea traffic appear in Greenwich

  • I was surprised to see that the walking links from Westcombe Park and North Greenwich are given as official suggestions on IKEA.com. They really are not fit for that purpose.

    • Yep. From Westcombe Park means via the infamous Blackwell roundabout and then along Peartree Way along a weaving pedestrian path with poor sightlines which feels unsafe to some.

    • The walk from Westcombe Park Station is not ideal but as someone who knows the area very well, I don’t consider it a bad one. However, IKEA is very much a venue for drivers who will go there to pick up items small enough to get in a car. The traffic is going to be bad, no question, but I haven’t seen anyone make a viable suggestion how to address this given the dirty great Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach that cuts a swathe through the area.

  • That particular junction sums up the entire area. The Greenwich-bound traffic uses both lanes meaning the 422 waits far longer than it needs to turn the corner. Once it reaches Pelton Road it fills near capacity followed by another final rush outside the Alcatel site. The queue here is almost comical in its length, considering that North Greenwich Station is only a brisk walk away. If only they could negotiate the roads to cross in safety rather than the longer detour by the Holiday Inn. Ah, Greenwich…

  • A brisk and very unpleasant walk to North Greenwich from Blackwall Lane!

  • The whole Ikea scheme was always bound to be a farce without adequate road access.
    The lime house link to Canary Wharf was years in coming and took at least from memory 45 mins generally when approaching from the City via the highway.

  • I went to an Ikea open day and raised the issue of traffic. There response was very nieve. Apparently they are going to push for greener travel and encourage there customers not to use cars and use public transport and they think the public will listen cos they are the type of shopper that care about the environment. Um …… nope Mr and Mrs Smith just want to get there new table into there mini ….. they are not going to try and squeeze it onto a packed bus I’m afraid Ikea. It’s going to be even more packed with traffic in our area . Good luck everyone .

    • I don’t believe they are being nieve Nicki, they are being dishonest!
      They (and the ouncil) are reeling out all the positive soundbites to try and soften everyone’s fears of the pending traffic chaos – and there will be plenty of it!
      Public transport is rubbish currently, imagine if commuters started carrying their flat pack furniture on the buses?!!!
      Most shoppers will come by car to these sort of places

  • I hear a lot of moaning about traffic BUT like Brexit, no one has a solution.

    Ideally, all IKEA outlets would be sited near a railway link and even where one is, such as the Croydon branch (Ampere Way Tramlink), the area is still heaving with traffic on a Saturday afternoon.

  • If IKEA want greener transport which is no bad thing in a area with high levels of traffic congestion and associate pollution from vehicle fumes. They should have installed electric charging points for delivery vans and provide a same day local delivery once you have chosen and paid for your furniture and larger items in store.


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