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Ikea Greenwich will open on 7th February 2019

Ikea have revealed they will open their Greenwich superstore on 7th February 2019.

The store was initially due to open late in 2018 but delayed. Recent visits have shown work nearing completion.

Ikea recently applied to extend opening times earlier in the morning which will bring more traffic into the area in the mornings.

Many local people are looking forward to the range of furniture and homeware on offer (alongside the cafe and food area) though deep concerns exist over traffic levels, which are already at capacity in the area.

A new bus lane is to be built in the area.

At heart it’s another giant blue box though some slight changes from the template are in evidence, such as a cafe space on the roof offering views across London.

A store in Bromley was announced last week which moves away from the big box formula.

It is possible Ikea may have a “soft launch” of the store before fully opening.

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  1. CDT

    It is good to finally get an opening date for the new IKEA store.

  2. GreenwichRes

    I walked passed it yesterday, it’s huge!

    Despite the traffic fears I’m actually now looking forward to the opening.

  3. Brenda Miskin

    I have been waiting for a local IKEA store in this area for so long and now it is actually happening, i cannot wait for it to open. I’m a retired pensioner, and will definatley be visiting on a regular basis. My friends and i have previously found it difficult going to to lakeside, as its not very accessable, plus 3 out of 4 trips we get lost lol. looking forwad to the day it opens.
    Mrs B Miskin.

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